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We Grow with our Pastor

Pastor John H.D. Lucy is a Bostonphile, as his wife Danielle says, and loves to ride his bike.  He's a twice-published author, most notably his book on human trafficking, 27 Million Revolutions for 27 Million Slaves.  But who cares about all that?  He loves preaching, telling bad jokes (that he thinks are good), and would love to meet you... and show off his young sons, Sebastian and Soren.  You can reach him at  If you see him around town at his Pastor's Listening Places, usually Thursday middays or Saturday early mornings at a local library or park, feel free to stop, say hello, and talk about whatever is on your heart.

We Grow as a Family

We have such a great church family.  You won't find a more welcoming, faithful bunch.  We also love to eat.  Join us for Game Night, Movie Night, quarterly potluck, fellowship after worship, etc., and you'll go home with a full stomach and a full heart.

Growing in Christ

Jericho United Methodist Church71 Vermont Route 15 Jericho VT 05465 US+1.8028994288

John 15:4 "Abide in Me as I abide in you..."

We Grow in Laughter

We believe in the power of laughter because we believe in God's sense of humor.  Faith isn't only serious and solemn, don't let anyone tell you so.  Growing in God means growing in fun times.  To help remind ourselves to not take our faith too seriously, but be people of joy, our pastor has a You Tube channel humorously showing us that God's holiness, power, and love are for all people, especially us ordinary folk. Check it out:

Holy Pastor Doing Stuff.  You can also see some of Pastor John's sermons there.